The First Lady enhances the certificate presentation ceremonies at Lycée du Lac Tanganyika

The First Lady enhances the certificate presentation ceremonies at  Lycée du Lac Tanganyika

Her Excellency Angeline Ndayishimiye enhanced with her presence, this December 5, 2020, the ceremonies for the presentation of certificates to the 2020 Laureates, of the secondary school known as Lycée du Lac Tanganyika, located in the Urban Commune of Mukaza ,Bujumbura city.

In her speech for the occasion, Her Excellency Angeline Ndayishimiye congratulated the laureates and their parents for taking this step in life.

She also praised those school graduates for doing well during their successful primary and secondary education, because, she says, without a good education they couldn’t achieve it. Moreover, the First Lady congratulated them for having kept Burundian culture and customs.

Her Excellency Angeline Ndayishimiye urged parents to be extra vigilant with their children, saying that this period waiting to start university studies is difficult to manage. She asked them to occupy these young persons usefully in order to help them prepare for their future.

The First Lady recommended to those lucky school graduates to always seek advice from parents and their elders, on every decision or action they want to take, the sure way to achieve a better future, adding that they will never be betrayed if they follow this advice. Another advice given by the First Lady of Burundi to the 2020 the school graduates of the Lycée du Lac Tanganyika is to use their free time for Christian activities in their respective places of worship.

She reminded these young graduates to keep in mind that the certificates they have just obtained are a basis for being able to continue with university studies. To do this, she invited them to continue to strengthen their intellectual capacities by revising the subject matter of secondary school on which the university programs are designed.