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The First Lady advises young people to have a vision

The First Lady advises young people to have a vision

On the Second Day of Thanksgiving Prayer, organized by the President of the Republic, on behalf of all Burundians, the First Lady of Burundi, Her Excellency Angeline Ndayishimiye, held a teaching session with young people from Mutaho and other persons who responded to this prayer.

During this session, the First Lady asked the young people to have a vision in order to prepare well for their future.
Her Excellency Angeline Ndayishimiye informed the youth that their existence is a work of God, which has a project on them, even Burundi is a work of the Almighty, and God has a project on it, she said. She advised them to make their vision become a reality by accomplishing the will of God from an early age, so that their visions should be in harmony with the vision God has for them.

The First Lady further urged young people to grow in love for God and to obey their parents. She asked them to show this love of God by doing good works, works of charity towards the vulnerable.

Moreover, Her Excellency Angeline Ndayishimiye asked young people to avoid committing sin because everything they do in hiding cannot escape the eye of God, who is omnipresent, she stressed.
According to Romans 6:23 the wages of sin is death, she added.

The First Lady advised young people not to fight vanity because according to proverb 29:23 a man’s vanity lowers him, but he who is humble in spirit obtains glory, she reminded. She finally invited those young persons to let themselves be evaluated by those who appreciate their works and by the Almighty God.