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The First Lady calls on all Burundians to support the school canteen program

The First Lady calls on all Burundians to support the school canteen program

Her Excellency Angeline Ndayishimiye, First Lady of Burundi, chaired the ceremonies of the African School Food Day, 2021 edition, which took place at the Muyange I Fundamental School, in Gashoho commune, Muyinga province.

In her speech, Her Excellency Angeline Ndayishimiye invited all Burundians and Partners of the country to become more involved and support that program so that all schools can benefit from it.

The First Lady reiterated the wish, in accordance with the government’s program , to see the canteens purchased the required food products on the local market to promote the agricultural cooperatives.

Her Excellency the First Lady took the opportunity to ask the WFP to use the means that were allocated to the import of food products, to the increase in the number of schools that benefit from this program.

She said that once this canteen program will cover all schools, the goal of the recently launched « Zero Malnutrition in Burundi » campaign will be achieved.

In order to support the national reforestation policy, Her Excellency the First planted fruit trees at Muyange I Basic School in Gashoho commune. According to the First Lady, these fruit trees, once matured, will support the implementation of the school canteen program.

She ended her speech by reiterating her thanks to all parties and which support the program, in this case the government of Burundi and WFP, as well as all the partners who contribute to this noble task, in particular the Netherlands, France, Principality of Monaco, USAID, Kerry Group and others.